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Vietnam...My Experience...

I have learnt much from the trip.
For once, I saw that raining could go on for weeks.
For once, I saw how badly a place could be transformed into after a century flood.
For once, I saw how easily people could be contented.
For once, I saw how simple, sincere and strong people lived their lives.

The flood came, the areas flooded, their houses submerged,
But not their textbooks! But not their hopes!
I was astounded by their attitude towards studying. How precious it is to them!
The disaster came and the people came out stronger.
They helped one another, offered blankets, offered food and offered assistance for affected students who were unable to attend school.
They volunteered to come with us to do the clearing work but I realised that some of them had mud to clear at home as well.
For most, it was nation above self. The spirit of nationhood.

Hue has beautiful scenery and exquisite food.
The perfume river... a romantic getaway.
The Ban Lap, Ban Goon, Ban..., mouth-watering delicacies.
Even the Ham Jim Bang was unbearable.

A hard day's work, a visit to the market, a cycle around the city,
a cup of cafe ser at the Cafe.
No luxuries to splurge on. Get down to the basics and be happy.
Maybe, life should be like this.
An exchange of words and hearts to pass the night,
To appreciate whatever's present and make the best out of it.

I felt the sincerity in friendship, not superficial "hi and bye"
It was something "new" initially. But it should be that way, right?

It was altogether a unique experience, a learning and understanding experience.

by Fong Wai Yuen


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